At Le Magasin, we introduce new customers to non-alcoholic drinks in a personal and engaging way. Our Dry Bar, an innovative feature at one of the world's most prestigious department stores, offers a unique experience. Here, customers interact with bartenders who explain the benefits of conscious drinking and the unique qualities of each brand while crafting non-alcoholic cocktails. Customers then have the opportunity to taste these drinks, discovering that non-alcoholic cocktails can be delicious and enjoyable. The store's inviting atmosphere, with hangout spots and assorted product displays, enhances this experience.

Spring into Summer Edition: Aperitivo Fridays and Mixology Saturdays

During our Spring into Summer edition, we designated Friday and Saturday afternoons for customers to visit our Dry Bar, taking advantage of peak foot traffic. These days were dubbed Aperitivo Fridays and Mixology Saturdays and were heavily advertised throughout the store. These events, held in conjunction with other customer-attracting activities, encouraged participation in the Dry Bar experience.

Unique Cocktails and Brand Partnerships

At the Dry Bar, our bartenders create unique cocktails and innovative twists on popular drinks using products from various brands. We feature several types of brands, both for tastings and sales, with partners helping to make the Dry Bar a reality. At Le Magasin Stockholm, customers can explore new ways to enjoy cocktails, featuring brands like:

  • Bjork Soda: A sparkling wine alternative made from birch sap, offering healthy benefits.
  • Chavin: Non-alcoholic wines that deliver amazing taste without the consequences.
  • Fluère: Eye-catching design and great non-alcoholic drinks that intrigue customers.
  • Giffard: With its stylish bottles and floral non alcoholic drinks. 
  • Gordon’s Gin: Classic cocktails with a non-alcoholic twist.
  • Havredal: Wonderful milk alternatives
  • Kollone Null: Award-winning non-alcoholic wine collection.
  • Los Angeles Cold Press: Drinks with adaptogens, beneficial alone or in cocktails.
  • Noughty: The world's first premium non-alcoholic wine portfolio.
  • Oddbird: Non-alcoholic wines promoting the importance of conscious drinking.
  • Rebeet: Nutrient-rich beet juices, offering healthy and tasty alternatives.
  • Yuko Ono: High-standard green teas and matchas, presented by Sweden's only certified Japanese tea advisor.

Here are some of the crowd-favorite cocktails you can enjoy at our Dry Bar.

Fluère Daiquiri
60 ml Fluère Spiced Cane
20 ml Lime juice
10 ml sugar syrup
(replace sugar syrup with 15 ml Bols liqueur to get a flavored daiquiri e.g strawberry/raspberry/mango etc)
Rebeet Remix
40ml Giffard Grapefruit Non-Alc
20ml Lemon Juice
10ml Simple Syrup
Shake with handful of mint leaves and top with Rebeet
Fluère Paloma
50 ml Fluère Smoked Agave 15 ml Lime Juice
Topped with Grapefruit Soda
Garnish with a Grapefruit zest.
 The Hugo
4cl Non alc Elderflower Giffard
2cl Lemon Juice
2cl Simple Syrup
Kolone Null Sparkling Riesling
50ml Fluère Botanical
20ml Lemon Juice
20ml Simple Syrup
Handful of mint leaves
Clover Club
5cl Non- Alc Spirit Fluère Raspberry Blend
2cl Lemon Juice
2cl simple syrup
Giffard’s Ginger
40ml Giffard Ginger Non-alc
30ml Lemon Juice
10ml Simple Syrup
Fill up with Ginger beer
Negroni Sbagliatto
3 Fluère Gin
2 Fluère Bitter
1 Giffard Bitter
Noughty / Oddbird Blanc de Blanc
Fluère Espresso Martini
50 ml Fluère Spiced Cane
40 ml espresso
15 ml vanilla syrup
Tommy’s Margarita
5cl Fluère Mezcal
2cl Lime juice
2cl Giffard Agave Syrup
The Immortal L.A.
60ml LA Cold Press Adaptogens The Immortal
30 ml Havredals oat milk
10ml Giffard Vanilla Syrup
Le Magasini
2cl Giffard Grapefruit
Top with Oddbird Rosé and stir
Bjork’s Soda Summer
5cl Fluère Spiced Cane Dark Roast
2cl Lemon juice
2cl Simple Syrup
Handful of mint leaves
Shake and top with Björksoda
Matcha martini
6cl Matcha tea
2cl Lemon Juice
1cl Simple syrup
Handful of mint leaves

Corporate Partners and Innovative Experiences

Our corporate partners also played a crucial role in making the Dry Bar a success. Samsung and Onemotion provided visual enhancements with Samsung TVs displaying brand videos and event-specific content, and a Bespoke Samsung fridge for drink storage. Giffard with its unique bottle design and its floral liqueurs surprise customers and introduce them to this non-alcoholic journey. Diageo as a well established brand shows customers alternatives to their well known drinks. Havredals supplied vegan milk for coffee, made by Sjöstrand coffee machines. Jonas Ihreborn provided stylish bar chairs, enhancing the bar’s aesthetic and functionality. Customers could interact with these products in a practical and enjoyable way. 

Engaging Events and Increased Foot Traffic

During the Spring into Summer edition, our brands hosted events at Le Magasin and near the Dry Bar, drawing significant customer interest. Notable events included:

  • Yuko Ono Tea Tastings: Presented various teas and matchas, educating customers on benefits and brewing techniques, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.
  • Noughty Wine Tastings: Expert David Lagnetoft showcased different wine variants, educating and engaging customers.
  • Onemotion/Ubiq Networking Event: Brought over 50 retail scene experts, providing exposure to brands displayed at Le Magasin to Sweden’s retail store owners and experts.
  • Our New Routine: Hosted events next to bartenders, combining brand learning with the Dry Bar experience.
  • Miniware Family Day: Activities for kids while parents enjoyed alcohol-free cocktails.

Barbuttler professionals at our Dry Bar

With a long experience in the industry, they strive to offer expertise and world-class service to our guests. Their bar consultancy service is the ideal solution for those planning weddings and other events. And as it proved in Le Magasins case they offered our customers unique experience and great cocktails.


Overall, the Dry Bar has been a major attraction, increasing foot traffic and introducing customers to other brands in the store. This symbiotic relationship between beverage brands and other products ensures that when one draws customers in, they are likely to explore and enjoy the others as well.

June 07, 2024 — Le Magasin Staff Account