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NK Department Store Stockholm Edition

Embrace the heartbeat of Stockholm as we redefine retail through our pyhgital platform.

Nordiska Kompaniet x Le Magasin

We're thrilled to announce Le Magasin's partnership with Stockholm's esteemed luxury department store Nordiska Kompaniet. Launching April 1, 2024, we invite lifestyle & design brands to join our new chapter.

Exciting events every week

Discover our curated selection of diverse lifestyle brands and immerse yourself in exclusive events at our store

Inspirational Retail

With our co-retail concept, your brand takes center stage, engaging audiences and creating lasting impressions.

Prime Locations

Elevate your brand's visibility in high-traffic spots, including our prestigious Stockholm edition—details to be revealed soon!

Best in Class Service

Our dedicated team is trained to weave your brand's narrative seamlessly, ensuring every interaction is a captivating chapter in your retail story.

In Good Company: Past Partnerships

100+ Happy Brands
"What I love about the offer of Le Magasin is that it allowed me to take advantage of their co-retail program by spending time in the shop and engaging with potential
customers on a regular bases."
— Mila Moisio - Co-Owner, Tauko
"Le Magasin enabled us to affordably and efficiently engage in a new market environment and therefore reach a completely new target group.These direct consumer experiences have proven invaluable."
— Moritz Lorenz- Founder, JECKYBENG
"Le Magasin's program yielded brand awareness and new client acquisitions in an important target market for us (that being Germany)."
— Seppo Raijas-CEO,Hukka Design

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Where to find us

Nordiska Kompaniet, Hamngatan 18-20, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden

Weekdays: 10.00–19.00
Saturdays: 10.00–18.00
Sundays: 11.00–17.00