Le Magasin - The Co-Retail Experience offers its STUNNING 225 sq m space for private evening engagements - from romantic dinners, to birthday parties, to corporate presentations. The versatility of Le Magasin's space and attractive interiors open a world of wonder for you to experience.

Located in the historic Grenaderhaus in Berlin, Mitte, Le Magasin - The Co-Retail Experience is a versatile place to experience new brands & products, and be inspired by fresh ideas. As it is as well an event location, we invite you to explore this unique location for your own evening event plans.

Le Magasin The Co-Retail experience works with a selection of partners and brands to create a unique experience and engaging environment. Our centrally located and secure location is perfect for evening engagements for those who are looking for something special and memorable (if not instagramable!). Please get in touch if you have specific requirements and special needs.

Our three standard options

1 Entire space 

Our multifunctional venue can be transformed to leave a lasting impression. Host large events, fashion shows, brand presentations, private screenings and dinners.

2 Pop-in

Our pop-ins offer you the possibility to rent out the space partially to custom fit your needs. Host intimate events and celebrations or boost your brand awareness.   

3 Corporate lounge 

Our corporate lounge offers the opportunity for teams up to four to work in a creative environment - fully serviced.





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