KOKEBI COSMETIC - Cleansing Glove 'Gaia'.


Gabi, our superhero! Just for this cleaning glove Gabi Glove, we at KOKEBI have initiated our own project in Wukro - a small town in the north of Ethiopia.

This gentle cleansing glove is made of the material in which Ethiopians wrap their newborn babies. Indescribably velvety through hand-woven finest cotton and pure nature.

Our Gabi Glove is especially finely structured and has been developed only for our KOKEBI Ritual with the Oil & Soap Cleansing Method. Especially for the delicate skin of the face.

And best of all, the soft structure makes Q-tips and cotton pads completely unnecessary.

Each glove is unique. It may vary slightly in shape and color. That is intentional. Gabi is like you, an individual.