Verkäufer Jecky Beng

We have teamed up again with the well-known Slovakian shoe manufacturer Novesta to create a water-repellent and breathable handcrafted urban outdoor sneaker made from a water-repellent fabric in which, for the first time, we have succeeded in combining our cotton fiber expertise with a new, so-called paper fiber technology in this way to achieve an even higher abrasion resistance.
JECKYBENG hopes to gain further knowledge of alternative natural resources from the development, so that in the future it may even be able to develop yarns from waste paper. All cellulose products used are also FSC.

We are particularly proud of the fact that, together with Novesta, we have succeeded in sourcing all natural rubber from FSC-certified sources.

The sole of the URBAN OUTDOOR SNEAKER consists of 100% FSC-certified natural rubber and thus avoids unnecessary abrasion from microplastic particles. According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environment and Safety from 2018, the abrasion of shoe soles ranks 7th in the annual per capita emissions of microplastics - the abrasion of car tires remains the undisputed number one.

NOVESTA is committed to manufacturing shoes in accordance with the highest environmental standards. That is why they use natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen. These materials allow them to make ecological shoes of the highest quality.

The natural rubber sole is mechanically pressed onto the shoe body. The shoe is then precisely handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. This ethnic and ecological process leads to tire marks around the outsole - the trademark of Novesta!