Never Go Alone - Sandstone Candle

Verkäufer Never Go Alone

The Edition 01: Sandstone candle is designed to infuse your home with a calming, soothing atmosphere. The candle combines colour therapy with a transcendent scent experience that engages the senses and encourages positive thinking and healing. The evocative aroma is grounded by the heavy glass casing, which mimics the texture of sandstone, and the soft orange glow emitted when the candle is lit encourages relaxation following long days in front of blue screens.

The aroma of the candle is defined by cardamom and sandalwood notes, chosen for their proven ability to calm and soothe. Cardamom, considered to be one of the world’s oldest spices, is known for its healing properties and potential antimicrobial and antiviral actions; while sandalwood has been shown to significantly improve fatigue, calm the mind, and act as a mood enhancer.