KOKEBI COSMETICS - Skin Splasher, Hydrating Serum


Feel splashed! Here comes pure freshness! This wonderful botanical serum is a true treasure of nature and gives your skin an invigorating freshness kick.

Our motto: Instead of a tonic, we prefer to apply only the right and most valuable active ingredients to the skin. After all, our skin can only absorb a limited amount of product. The Skin Splasher with pure juice from Aloe Vera and Bulbine Fructecense promotes the regeneration of your skin and provides it with moisture.

How it works: Aloe Vera contains over 160 vital substances and lots of moisture. The power of the desert lily stimulates your skin's functions and replenishes its moisture depots. The ingredients of Bulbine Fructescens have a cooling, smoothing and antiseptic effect on the skin. They therefore help against impurities and sensitive skin reactions. Pure regeneration. The skin looks plumper. It feels refreshingly revitalized. Great is the skin feeling directly after application.