TTT:Y - Goodbye Stress (Bundle)


The bundle contains three little accessories, that help you when days are stressful. Spicy heat, acupressure and essential oils bring
you back to the present moment and to your self-efficacy. If inner tension rises, use Lime & Chili candies to regain control over
your thoughts again. The little glass jar is for you to pack some of the spicy helpers to go. All of the products can be packed into the small pouch made from organic cotton, so you can use them whenever you need them. By applying the acupressure
ball on your skin, you can shift your attention to your body, become mindful and focused. It is handmade from cedar wood and looks
beautiful on a working desk. The essential oil spray assists you in creating a harmonising atmosphere for yourself. Orange and
lavender oils calm and comfort in times of need. Use your senses to feel empowered in everyday life challenges.