GAZE PORTABLE UVC STERILIZER: Ultra portable sanitizer



Using UV Light LEDs, this mini foldable UV stick has 99.9% sterilization of germs, viruses, bacteria within 20 seconds of exposure. UVC LED rays can be applied to any surface from flat table tops to towels and baby toys . Ultra-portable gadget easily goes into your pocket, purse or backpack and can be used anywhere thanks to a rechargeable battery. 100% ozone & chemical free shortwave UV-C. The ultraviolet light automatically turns  off when the wand is faced upwards using a built-in sensor. 


Input : 5V/1A 

Material : PC, ABS 

Rechargeable Battery : 450mAh 

Output Power : 2W (max) 

Product Size (mm) : 107 x 107 x 38 

Net weight : 29.8g 

Certificiation: CE, FCC, ROHS, KC, MSDS 

Made in CHINA