Never Go Alone - Sanitising Treatment (20ml)

Verkäufer Never Go Alone
The Sanitising Treatment Mist is a fine micromist that acts as both sanitiser and a subtle unisex fragrance, with a unique formulation of skin-loving ingredients and 65% alcohol to ensure it denatures all viruses and bacteria. The refillable 75ml spray bottle is a convenient size for on-the-go use, made with post consumer recycled materials, and comes with a lanyard to attach to you hand or bag.

The skin-loving natural ingredients include extracts with proven antibacterial properties, such as calendula and chamomile, alongside nourishing aloe vera and ceramide 2 that make the formula suitable for frequent daily use. The Sanitising Mist is defined by our signature Edition 01: Sandstone fragrance that features grounding notes of nutmeg and cardamom contrasted with lavender and cedar, which are proven to reduce anxiety and improve mood.