ByLOHN - Christmas Set Nº 2


Contains: 1x Cloth 30x30cm + 2x Towel 35x50cm + 2x Sustainable Dish Brush 24x3cm – Horsehair Bristles +  Tampico Fibre  

Color: Twilight Mauve  

Material/Textiles: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton 

Material/ Dish Brush: 100% natural/ Oiled beech wood with 100% horsehair/ 100% Tampico fibre  Wash/ Textiles : Washable at 60 degrees  

Wash/Dish Brushes: Dry with the bristles turning upwards between use. Treat the wood with cooking ollie  once in a while

Knitted Towel and Cloths in By LOHN signature pattern. Soft and high quality knitted textiles with a Nordic  and minimalistic look. Long lifespan. Eco-friendly and plastic free. Perfect textiles for the kitchen or in the  bathroom. Beautiful feminine colour.  

The Dish Brushes are a perfect match for the textiles in your kitchen. Use the Tampico Fibre brush to get rid  of the dirt and the Horsehair Bristles to finish the dish wash.